• Basic abstractions for representing feeds.
  • Subscription and refreshing.
  • Import/export OPML subscription list (eg. AmphetaDesk).
  • Parse RSS 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0.
  • RSS export of aggregated feeds.
  • Simple filesystem based persistence of feeds.
  • Web interface using Tapestry.
  • Bundle with Jetty for easy launching.
  • Asynchronous feed subscriptions (esp. for OPML).

Coming soon

  • Make OPML subscription feed avaialble thru web.
  • RSS autodiscovery from an HTML page.
  • Improve interface, esp. managing feeds.
  • RDBMS backend (Hibernate with hsql/axion).
  • Optimize refreshing behavior (eg. last-modified).


  • Message search (Lucene).
  • New article notification (email, messenger).
  • Emulate Radio one-click subscriptions.
  • Track read/unread articles
  • Link to post to a blog software.
  • Multifaceted categorization and filtering.
  • Make it able to serve a small community around a topic.