Setting up the development environment

Getting the build process running for Flock is remarkably easy, thanks to Maven. Here's what you need to do:

  • Check out module "flock" from the CVS repository (anonymous). Further details are provided on SourceForge.
  • Download and unzip Maven.
  • Set up the neccessary environment variables (JAVA_HOME, MAVEN_HOME), put the maven/bin directory in your PATH...
  • From the flock root directory (where project.xml is), run "maven war" - this will download all sorts of dependecies and finally build flock.war in the "target" subdirectory.
  • Copy/deploy flock.war into your servlet container (eg. the Jetty).

Setting up Eclipse project

  • Start Eclipse
  • Under "Window"->"Open perspective"->"CVS Repository exploring"
  • In "CVS repositories" view:
  • Right click
  • Select "New" -> "Repository location"
  • set host to : ""
  • set repository path: "/cvsroot/flock"
  • set user to: "anonymous"
  • Click finish
  • Navigate to HEAD -> flock
  • Right click, and select "Check out as Project"
  • Drink a coke during the checkout (optional:-)
  • From a command prompt enter:

    "C:>cd ECLIPSE_PATH\workspace\flock"

    "...\eclipse\workspace\flock>maven eclipse:add-maven-repo"

    This will download all the dependencies, and set up maven_repo for eclipse
    Congratulation, you've got the fresh code of flock as an eclipse project !